My work experience includes computing (electronic publication, programming, relational databases, Marklogic, XML, XQuery, Unix systems), statistical analysis and modelling (using R), health physics (radiation protection, shielding, sealed and unsealed isotopes, compliance testing), and New Testament textual research.


Bachelor of Computer Studies, Murdoch University, 2002

Postgraduate degree including C++, Java, assembly, object-oriented design, data structures and abstractions, computer networks, relational databases (SQL), systems analysis, and image processing components.

Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University, 2000

Dissertation on the text of the Epistle to the Hebrews in the Greek New Testament involving palaeography of Greek manuscripts, text encoding and markup, Perl programs to process and collate manuscript texts, multivariate analysis of the collation data, and interpretation of the results in the light of known textual history.

Bachelor of Divinity (honours), Murdoch University, 1992

Postgraduate degree including theology, church history, languages (Greek, Hebrew), pastoral care, missiology, homiletics, religious education. I wrote a thesis on the collation of three Greek manuscripts of the Epistle to the Hebrews for the honours component.

Bachelor of Science (physics major), University of Western Australia, 1982

Degree including classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, relativity, optics, electronics, solid state physics, nuclear physics, high energy physics, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, vector algebra, complex analysis, statistics, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and zoology.

Work History

Data Analyst, Department of Health (WA), 2015-2017

  • use SAS and SQL to extract data required by clients from large data sets using various selection criteria
  • perform regular data loads to keep databases up to date
  • perform quality checking on data sets prepared for health and medical research
  • write documentation
  • systems development (set up and maintain development server).

Scientific Officer, Department of Health (WA), 2013-2015

  • assess diagnostic x-ray licence and registration applications and renewals
  • perform structural shielding assessments for x-ray installations
  • inspect and report on x-ray installations
  • deal with enquiries concerning radiation safety
  • conduct laboratory work
  • perform other authorized officer duties under the Radiation Safety Act (WA).

XML Programmer and Analyst (contract), University of Virginia Press, 2011-2013

  • Marklogic system programming for the Founders Online collection of US founding era correspondence.

XML Programmer and Analyst (contract), Documents Compass, 2010

XML Programmer and Analyst, University of Virginia Press, 2005-2009

  • design, implement, test, and troubleshoot digital editions using Marklogic, TEI XML, XQuery, XSLT, CSS, Unicode, and scripting languages.

Health Physicist, Department of Health (WA), 2003-2005

  • coordinate the diagnostic x-ray group responsible for licensing and registration of diagnostic x-ray users
  • maintain and develop the Radiological Council’s compliance testing program
  • deal with enquiries concerning radiation and health physics
  • perform authorized officer duties under the Radiation Safety Act (WA).

Digital Library Consultant, Oxford University, 2002-2005

  • specify and install development and production server systems for the papyrology section of the Classics Department
  • develop and maintain a digital library of edited papyrus collections
  • develop XML encoding specifications using TEI
  • write documentation
  • provide basic computer training for university papyrology researchers.

Text Encoding Specialist, Religion and Technology Center, 2000-2003

  • develop and maintain digital library systems (Greenstone, Perseus, TeraText)
  • coordinate digitization of large textual corpora
  • develop and maintain web sites
  • develop systems for text and image processing (Java, Perl, shell scripts, XSLT)
  • server and network installation and administration (Linux)
  • systems administration (Linux, Mac, Windows).

Examples of My Work

Founders Online

Lead programmer for this digital archive of Founding Era presidential correspondence. I worked under contract to the University of Virginia Press who were commissioned to do the work by the United States National Archives. Launched in 2013, the site is now receiving up to 18,000 visitors and 490,000 hits per day.

Rotunda digital editions

Lead programmer for the American Founding Era Collection, The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, The Journal of Emily Shore, and “Typee”: A Fluid-Text Edition.

Oxyrhynchus Online

Makes available a number of collections of ancient documents including the Oxyrhynchus papyri. I performed the original system design and implementation, installing the servers it originally ran on.

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

Technical editor of this online journal since 2001; responsible for web publication.

What Does the Text Actually Say?

Edited this Festschrift in honour of my New Testament teacher.

PhD dissertation

Downloadable copy of my PhD dissertation.

My home page

More examples of my work are available here.


Unsealed Radio-Isotopes, UWA, 2014

Safe use and handling of unsealed radio-isotopes.

MarkLogic Server Training, Mark Logic Corporation, 2005

Introduction to use of the MarkLogic XQuery server presented by Jason Hunter.

XQuery Training, Datypic, 2005

Introduction to XQuery presented by Priscilla Walmsley.

Non-Radiologist Fluoroscopy, Medical and Scientific Services, 2004

Radiation safety for fluoroscopic x-ray machines.

TeraText XML Database, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2000

XML database design and implementation.

Tutoring in Social Sciences, Murdoch University, 2000

Lesson preparation, learning paradigms.

Papyrology Summer School, Oxford University, 1997

Palaeography, papyrology, Greco-Roman history.

Latin for Beginners, UWA, 1995

Basic Latin.

German 1 and 2, TAFE (WA) 1994

Basic German.

Abseiling Instructor Certificate, Ministry of Sport and Recreation, 1994

Rope skills, safety procedures, rescue techniques.

Senior First Aid, St John Ambulance Association, 1994

CPR, management of cuts, burns, sprains and broken bones.


Digital Humanities, Sydney, 2015

Organized and presented at the inaugural Digital New Testament workshop.

Marklogic Users, San Francisco (USA), 2014

Planning for Growth with and without Performance Metering

I was not able to attend but the presenter (David Sewell) kindly listed me as co-author.

Digital Humanities Australasia, Perth, 2014

Presented a paper titled “How To Discover Textual Groups.”

Association Internationale Bible et Informatique, Stellenbosch (South Africa), 2000

Presented a paper titled “Computer-oriented Transcription, Collation and Analysis of the New Testament Manuscript Tradition (Starting with Hebrews).”

Digital Resources in the Humanities, Oxford (UK), 1996

Presented a paper titled “Transcribing New Testament manuscripts.”

Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, Bergen (Norway), 1996

Presented a paper titled “Computer-assisted Collation of New Testament Manuscripts”


Romans, Vose Seminary, 2016

John’s Apocalypse, Vose Seminary, 2014

General Letters, Vose Seminary, 2010

Letter to the Hebrews, Baptist Theological College (WA), 2005


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